Get to know our editor Dario Bekuhrs

Le Buzz consists of a well-experienced team of bloggers, editors, photographers and marketing specialists. We concern ourselves with issues such as influencer relations, influencer marketing, social media, and lifestyle related topics. We want to be a guideline for the industry on a long-term basis.

We want you to get to know our team better and give you a glimpse at what’s going on behind Le Buzz, so we are introducing one of our great team members from time to time. Let’s start things off with Dario, our editor, and photographer.


How did you come to Le Buzz?

Miriam introduced me to this new project which was already in the making, and it was perfect timing. I wanted to move my career in a different direction, and I was looking for a job where I could combine my passion with my profession as a graphic designer. I was searching for more diversified projects that were dealing with topics like social media, photography, editorial, and marketing. Le Buzz gave me the opportunity to work in an environment that combines all those aspects – a win-win situation for me!


What were you studying?

I have studied visual communication at the University of Applied Arts in my hometown Hannover.


Describe your typical workday at Le Buzz?

There is no typical workday, and that’s what makes working at Le Buzz so enjoyable. I’m free to choose from wherever I want to work, so I can always find new inspirations and ideas for my job, and that’s what makes this job so unique and exciting. But before I start my day, I always have a tea and read the daily news about fashion and lifestyle.


Where does your passion for all aesthetical things like fashion, design, photography come from?

That goes way back – actually, since my childhood, I have been attracted by youth culture movements, by music, art, and fashion. These are all different ways to express yourself. I feel like everything comes back somehow and it’s fascinating to me how trends develop and where they come from. Esthetics is crucial for me, and I’m always searching for creative personalities and their inspiring work.


What motivates you?

Other creative people and their work and my family, who is waiting at home for me.


What´s your favorite task at Le Buzz and what do you like the most at your job?

Diversity is what makes my job so enjoyable for me. It never gets tedious because I can work on so many different things, whether it’s graphic design, photography, editorial or researching the latest trends and lifestyle topics.


How do you see the future for Le Buzz?

I see great potential in this project, and I’m convinced that we will create a strong brand. Le Buzz will serve as a hub, attracting simultaneously both experts from the industry as well as fans from all over the world