Le Buzz is launching the ultimate Influencer Relations Software

Influencer marketing seems to be the most hyped buzzword wondering around the web and marketing industry for quite some time now. A lot of brands and companies are trying to take quick advantage of this trend, but most of them are doing it unsystematically. That is exactly where Le Buzz comes into play providing the perfect influencer marketing tools for start-ups, agencies, and brands.

Keep the overview wherever you are

We all know the problem: you´ve organized the first influencer collaboration and the next step is to populate and optimize your database and furthermore to generate a long-term sense of brand loyalty. At this point, it’s very important that more than one employee can work on the same projects simultaneously. At first sight common programs seem to be the right solution, but if your lists increase programs like Excel will become very unorganized and time-consuming. To practice sustainable influencer relation management, you not only need to have the know-how, but also a well-structured system.

Influencer Relations – straightforward and efficient

Here is the solution; Our Le Buzz software offers an intuitive and visual engaging management of your influencers. Influencer relations has never been so fast, uncomplicated and efficient. Our software uses relevant interfaces so that influencer profile data like reach or interaction rates will be updated automatically. Manual and time-consuming updates are a thing of the past.

By using our visual interface, extensive filters and search options it´s easy to quickly find the right influencer. Whether you are searching for specific locations, gender, focus areas, or even marketing reach – our Le Buzz software easily detects the perfect influencer matching your needs.

Our software provides a detailed and insightful profile page of every influencer featuring important information, statistics, visual impressions and real-time overview of all social media activities. Aside from that, you can make notes about costs, brand collaboration, and all other necessary information.

Le Buzz makes a quick and easy import or export of your stock data possible. To stay on top of things our responsive layout works on every device whether you’re on the way or working from the office.

And that is just the beginning, tons of exciting features are waiting to be rolled out, making Le Buzz the ultimate influencer marketing software.